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Participants will understand:

– How to properly utilize energy in business,
– how to negotiate successfully,
– how to feel the line between energy attack and preparation for it.

Each participant can ask his/her own questions. The training can be conducted for different business areas.

For people working in business.

It will be about your energy and the energy surrounding you in negotiations, in the office, at presentations, when giving speeches.

– Principles of personal editing
– What is energy
– What is docking
– What is an energy breakdown
– What is the impact of the first “energy imprint”
– Problematic IE – or who is to blame
– What is room energy
– Office
– Negotiations. Technical preparation
– Features of business communication
– The basics of interpersonal communication
– Negotiations at the highest level
– Semi-official visits
– Unofficial visits
– Conference
– Presentation

Recommendations for each participant.

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