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Counseling in the field of professional orientation

What’s that?

This is a psychological consultation, based on the use of a number of special techniques for studying personality. It is presented in a descriptive form, has a practical (recommendatory) part.
Flexible order, depending on the task at hand.
The number of pages depends on the number of questions, negotiated individually.


The task of this work is to reveal the personality in such a way as to trace the potential aptitudes, abilities, orientations of a person and to predict the prospects in choosing future activities and career.
A secondary task may be the formation of a desired image, for example, a businessman, etc. (optional). (at will).
Besides, the work can be interesting first of all to graduates of secondary schools, lyceums, colleges and their parents, as well as to age and family psychologists, non-specialists in the field of psychology (teachers, family members, employers, recruitment agencies, schools).

Directions and Methods

The human analysis in this paper includes the following areas:

  • a number of physiognomic techniques;
  • the method of studying at a distance;
  • method of morphoscopy (spots, acne, birthmarks, scars);
  • the method of prediction in a number of directions and manifestations;
  • etc.

Through these techniques are explored:

  • temperament;
  • character;
  • orientation;
  • propensities to a certain kind of activity;
  • problem aspects;
  • decision making;
  • psychological defenses;
  • susceptibility to influences;
  • fixations;
  • peculiarities, etc.

At the end of the work, recommendations for communication are given, and in the descriptive part Conclusion.
P.S. The more complete the set of requirements sent to us for study, the photos will meet the necessary quality – the more complete, in terms of points and areas of analysis, the work will be.

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