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Laughing Day: what secrets are encrypted in stars’ smiles

Vladimir Zelensky: a born leader

Ambitious, inclined to fast self-learning and self-development – this is evident from the facial expressions in the cheekbones and corners of the mouth. His chin proves that if Zelensky sets a goal to become a politician, he will be one! He will pick the perfect team, form a program and do it with brilliance. The upper part of Zelensky’s upper lip and the structure of his nose wings give a clue: despite his emotional flexibility, this person does not tolerate talking about himself and his family. Features of the muscular system of the outer corners of the eyes suggest that the sexual element Vladimir applies both in work and in interpersonal communication – he knows the power of his charms and can use it. At the same time, he does not try to emphasize his financial solvency. At the same time thrifty, but not greedy! Such a person for petty things will not freak out and quarrel first will not start. To the family treats with trepidation. Often smiles through closed lips – does not want people to know what he really thinks.

Vera Brezhneva: skillfully hides resentments

A perfectionist. Everything she does has to be perfect, the best. A thin nose is evidence of a tendency to narcissism. Mimically, Vera is more prone to things dramatic. But at the same time unconditional primacy in her line of images – sexuality! In relationships with men Vera is difficult – it all goes in stages. That she tends to tolerate and adjust, then demonstrates a desire for freedom and development … Will not tolerate that people learned about her mistakes and blunders. She will carefully hide even the strongest offenses.

Svetlana Loboda: a man in a skirt

This is a woman with the inner structure of a man. Never brings to people her true feelings and experiences. At the same time, Svetlana is very emotional and tends to show her strength. Strict, strong-willed, diligent, strong personality – this is evidenced by pronounced cheekbones. Tries to shield herself from socializing with new people. She has a very narrow circle of friends. Prominent lips on Sveta’s face – evidence of the desire to balance masculine character traits in the direction of femininity, at least in appearance.

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk: a musician with a techie’s mindset

Svyatoslav is a hundred percent technician in his thinking. If he needs to do something creative, he approaches it from the position of mechanics, physics and their elements – he builds theories and strategies and only then implements them. This is evidenced by the shape of his eyes, their cut and depth of fit. The main traits are persistence and equanimity. If it is necessary to make an operation “pain knife” – can, will not be confused! But all the tough moments associated with the character, he is manifested in the work, in conflicts with those people who do not agree with him. Svyatoslav is a solid, monolithic and closed personality.

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