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For Children

Training “I am a businessman” (for boys) and “I am a business lady” (for girls)

along the lines of

“I am a businessman” (for boys) and
“I am a Business Lady” (for girls).

If you work and are able to do it – then, of course, you would like your child to successfully self-actualize and make a career.

Using a special highly effective method of “quick perception of information”, developed by the Center for the Study of Personality, we offer you a children’s business – training for your child on practical business skills, as well as understanding its features.

Working with a child:

Practical psychologist, business consulting professional at the Centre for the Study of Personality(CSP).

Target audience:

The training program is designed for ages 10 and up.

Form of training:

Individual sessions with your child in the form of practical illustrated work of the psychologist and the child in the system online (city does not matter) or in person (Kiev).

Materials – provided by the psychologist.

After each class – the child is given homework to study and creative work to develop their Personality.

Requirements for the child:

Computer skills, user ICQ, E-mail.

Requirements from parents to start the training:

1. the date, month and year of the child’s birth,
2. gender,
3. 4 electronic photos of your child: 2 faces and 2 full-length (so that you could see the physique) – for his/her physiognomic diagnostics, in order to determine the leadership potential.

Language of instruction:

Russian, Ukrainian (customer’s choice).

Term of study:

8 mandatory training lectures of 2 hours each. If the child wishes and is interested, it is possible to continue training with him/her in this direction.

Schedule for working with the child – determined by the client’s wishes.

Cost of training:

Contact a representative of the company in your city, or our partner – the company “Modern Business Architecture TM”).


After the training, the child passes the exam and receives a CERTIFICATE of the company “Modern Business Architecture TM”.

Training Program:

Introduction – Diagnosing a child for leadership qualities and orientations.

1. teaching the child the concept of “Business”, forming the perception and system of business.
2. Teaching to self-organize, self-learn and independently form a system of business perception.
3. Personal growth in business.
4. Positioning yourself : male/female position in business.
5. Etiquette and negotiations.
6. Work and results.
7. Homework for a successful businessman.

Outcome at the end of the work with the child:

The child will learn to:
– perceive work – as an important part of their life – which is the first step to success,
– understand the complexity and interest of earning money,
– to realize that everything depends on him/herself,
– to choose business styles,
– the basics of etiquette.

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