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Interpersonal relationship training

“Interpersonal Relationship Training” (groups of 4 to 6 people) Helps to identify the personality traits of the adolescent when coming into contact with other adolescents.

The task of the training is to teach children/adolescents to be harmonious and free in the social space, to be able to see their own peculiarities, to realize themselves as a Person striving for development, able to think and act independently and competently build relationships with people around them.

PRACTICAL game/business success training for children and adolescents on building competent interpersonal communication.

Using a special highly effective methodology of “quick perception of information”, developed by the Center for the Study of Personality, we offer you a children’s business – training for your child on practical business skills, as well as understanding its features.

The child will receive comprehensive knowledge on the definition of different types of motives of interpersonal relations, as well as on the influence of individual characteristics of the Personality on the process of development of communicative skills and on the life path in general.

Working with a child:

Practical psychologist, child energy diagnostician, specialist in the field of color separation – Tishchenko Natalia Vladimirovna.

Target audience:

The training program is designed to:

Group A – 7-8 years old,
Group B – 9-10 years old
Group C – 11-12 years old,
Group D – 13-14 years old,
Group I – 15-16 years old.

Form of training:

Individual and group face-to-face sessions with your child in the form of practical illustrated / game / training work of the psychologist and the child (Kiev).

Outcome at the end of the work with the child.

The child will learn to:
– set goals and achieve them,
– listen and hear others, present themselves,
– effectively build interpersonal relationships,
– constructively resolve conflict situations,
– work in a team,
– define and develop a communication strategy,
– become familiar with the most successful ways and techniques of communication,
– master the skills of time planning,
– will gain experience in communication, which is not available in everyday life.

Group trainings, with a group of 4 to 8 people.

Materials – provided by the psychologist.

After each session – the child is given homework to study and creative work to develop their Personality.

Requirements for parents to start the training:

1. the date, month and year of the child’s birth,
2. gender,
3. 4 electronic photos of your child: 2 faces and 2 full-length (so that you could see the physique) – for his/her physiognomic diagnostics, in order to determine the leadership potential.

Language of instruction:


Term of study.

The program consists of training lectures of 2 hours each. If the child wishes and is interested, it is possible to continue training with him/her in this direction (individual master – trainings). The schedule of work with the child is agreed with the psychologist.

Training Program.

Introduction – Diagnosis of a child for management aptitudes, leadership skills. Determining a child’s abilities, identifying hidden talents.

1. What is an interpersonal relationship.
2. Classification of interpersonal relationships.
3. The influence of personal experience on the formation of interpersonal relationships.
4. What is conflict.
5. Strategies of behavior in conflict.
6. Levels of interpersonal relationships. Friendship.
7. Training, game and examination practice.

During the training, the following are used

projective methods
art therapy methods
psychological games
symboldrama techniques

At the end of the training, you can order a color portrait of your teenager.

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