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Personology: people’s energy, energy compatibility and home

Or, for example, the phrase “negative energy”, too, I think, you have heard more than once? Energy component/energy of a person is really very important criterion of Personality estimation, both in physiognomy, and in personology*.


*Personology is a field of psychology, the purpose of which is to study the regularities of the highest, most complex level of organization of Personality and its multifaceted nature.
As a field of psychology it is characterized by two main features:
– multifacetedness of the study of Personality (where facets are studied as separate planes of the Personality field);
– the multiplicity of determinants of individual, social, and natural character, associated with the maximum specificity of Personality and decomposition of the structure into systems and details.

Therefore, I propose to talk briefly, but quite substantially and substantively about human energy – as it is studied within the framework of personological knowledge. So…

Each person has an individual energy.
This energy, as a rule, according to personological schemes, is generalized into two types**:

– positive (with a “+” sign) and
– negative (with a “-” sign),

and by compatibility (or as they sometimes say – energy alignment) with you or any other person – into three types:

– positive for you (good for you),
– negative for you (harmful),
– neutral for you (does not disturb your aura and field)

(**there are specific kinds of energetics and energies of a person, but it concerns already to the field of practical physiognomic classification).

In other words, one person – as an individual, in itself, possesses:
positive (positive, constructive, noble) energy “filling”, which in its highest manifestation gives the opportunity to heal other people;
– or negative (destructive, heavy, pressurizing) filling, which in its highest manifestation destroys the possessor of this energy from within.

Individual energy (IE) is an important part of the study of each person.
IE is internal (its integral parts – tone, well-being, which depends on pressure, body temperature, etc.) and external (an energy field is formed outside the body, which depends on internal energy, general health of a person).

Intrinsic IE – remains virtually unchanged throughout life.

Very rarely it undergoes changes in the sign “+” to “-” or vice versa – which is rather an exception, which refers to the phenomena of “chameleon” and “energy vampire” or psychiatric diseases – which are able to change the IE, (for more information, see the Center for the Study of Personality – CSP), but quite often, it changes in terms of strengthening (inflow of strength) and fading (weakness), under the influence of endogenous, exogenous, psychogenic or even iatrogenic influencing factors. IE – needs to be replenished (replenished in various ways) and is directly related to the reserve forces of the organism (of different types).

External IE – is formed at the expense of internal IE, but does not necessarily carry the same sign as internal IE. For example, there are people with initially positive energy. But, as a result of the impact on them, the internal IE sends signals with the sign “-“, which form the corresponding energy field.
The external IE can be flexible, capable of adjusting to different energies, but it may not be able to adjust to the docking with another person’s energy field (which often disturbs a person’s well-being).

Energy compatibility and its assessment by a psychologist – personologist, physiognomist.

Energy docking (or simply speaking – compatibility of energies of one person with another) – as a separate phenomenon, essentially depends on the basic (individual) energy of each person because of the large percentage of its participation in the formation of the energy field.
Docking consists of interaction of the energy field (i.e. external individual energy) of one person with the energy field of another person.

Taking into account the fact that the energy field of some people can adjust to the fields of other people, it is much easier for such people to find “points of contact” and not to give in to direct reactions of inconsistency – “energy intolerance” as a form of antipathy, as well as fear, refusal to communicate and any interaction, etc. Thus, those who have a field that cannot adjust – often get sick and feel weakness and lack of tone.

So if you have a positive inner IE – your docking can be both negative and positive with different energy fields of different people – because absolutely everything depends on you, namely, the ability of your field to adjust.

What is destructive energy? – It is an energy that is not suitable on any level for us.

The problem of “energy vampires” deserves a separate consideration, as it has its own classification. The classical variant is an attack of a stronger field on a weaker one, in order for the “vampire” to replenish its energy starvation.

As well as everywhere – there are exceptions. And details, features of interrelations (both in physiognomy, and in personology) are studied by the special direction – energy block of Personality, and expert – psychologist-personologist, physiognomist – will define on expert level both individual and docking energetics (interrelations, spectrum, directions, levels of changes, etc.).

A little bit about our home…or your office…..

“It is not recommended by professionals who consider the house as an energy base with your established energy. Especially if the energy “brought in” is stronger than you and is negative.

Negative energy destroys the aura of the house in its pure influence, even if it “lives” its own negative energy.In other words, it is necessary to remember that our house – has its own special field (in an ideal position – ours), which is just as exposed as our energy field.
How do you recognize the kind of energy that is contraindicated in a home? Observe. The house will show its own “attitude”. For example, after such energy visits the home\office, things start to “not go well”. The dishes are broken, meetings are disrupted, the feeling of discomfort or a lowered tone. The general atmosphere and mood of the household often deteriorates.

But what are some interesting features worth noting in this section?

1. When in the house begins a struggle of energies of partners, at their energetic compatibility \ not compatibility.
Energy struggle is the alternate oppression of one energy field by another – the energy field of the partner. This happens at the level of aikido, which does not bring victory to anyone, but only “psychological injuries”.

2. When someone else’s energy takes up more space in the house than yours.

If one of the partners has an energy more powerful than the energy of the partner, there can be a process of “squeezing” or displacement of such energy fields.
This kind of struggle of energies usually lasts for a long time (2 – 3 years). Rarely does anyone immediately realize the true reasons for what is happening. And all this time, the “crushed” partner feels discomfort, “heaviness on the soul”, often headaches or somatic pains. Especially, the places previously traumatized or operated on (i.e. the least energetically protected) hurt.

3. When there are a lot of different people’s energies piling up in a house..

It happens a lot. For example, you have a lot of people in your office every time. They are crowded and constantly moving around. There is a movement of energies, and the room loses its coziness and its own normal field for this room.

4. Homes / places with destructive energy.

This is an energy phenomenon characterized by the concentration of destructive energy (i.e. harmful to you) in one place. This energy can be beneficial to others, but harmful to certain people who are in the place of its concentration.

Restoration of energies, IE and fields, the process of adjustment of compatibility (so that incompatible people could coexist in one room without harming each other) – all this is built by psychologists – personologists, physiognomists in the process of energy work with the client.
As a rule, restorative-adaptation work of a personologist with a client takes not more than 2-3 corrective meetings, but it is extremely necessary for normal energy and life activity of a person.

Anisimova Alisa
Psychologist – physiognomist
Center for the Study of Personality

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