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Photography in physiognomy. Physiognomic examination of Personality

The photo and us

As a rule, today, a photo for us is a self-presentation of sorts, something like a business card (not a necessity or formality, as in most cases it used to be).
We place our photos in various Internet projects, profiles on dating sites, resumes for work, personal sites in the “PHOTO” section, etc. And at the same time, we try to show our photos to others only if we like them ourselves. I.e. we make a natural selection, guided by our own taste, view and wishes… And if we don’t like a photo, we simply don’t show it (and sometimes we wipe it from the memory card of our camera or computer).
I.e. we express our “look” at ourselves – by showing others our favorite photo. This is what an expert physiognomist marks at once.
If we don’t like one of our photos, we use an editor – i.e. we correct what we consider “not beautiful” in ourselves. And despite the fact that we are often wrong – we still make changes in the photo (if we know how to do it or want to change it a lot). Thus – we tend to “embellish” (change, model) ourselves, based on our own (subjective) ideas about ourselves and others.
And if at all that we do not like a photo, we consider it unequivocally “not suitable for existence” – but we still show it – it is the third sign for the expert – physiognomist, consisting in self-relations to ourselves (presence of a number of complexes which will be further considered in physiognomic examination) of the photographed person.
Usually, people often justify their “bad” photos. For example, “I’m not photogenic”, “I don’t have any decent photos”, “I don’t like to be photographed”, “I’m different in life”, etc. And if a person with the above excuses sends amazing photos – this is the next signal for the professional, relating to the arrogance of the photographer and problems associated with the block “I”….
…And all this, even before the beginning of physiognomic analysis, is already taken into account by the expert…
Photo for the expert physiognomist

What is a photo to a specialist who studies people from their photos? The answer is simple: a photo is your essence, your Personality structure and a “map of problems” (of different nature).

The expert – physiognomist will define on your photo a huge quantity of parameters which are capable to form in full psychological portrait of your Personality, and consequently – to give about you the big quantity of various information. It is both analytical, and expert, and creative work simultaneously, including a huge quantity of small details and huge complexities.

Exactly for the above mentioned reason the remote work of the expert – physiognomist – is quite standard form of studying the Personality,

Moreover, it is more effective than face-to-face study (since quite often the words and emotions of the person being studied distract the expert from in-depth analysis of the Personality during face-to-face contact).

It should be noted that a professional prefers to work with a regular, digital, unedited photo, which was taken in the nearest future (maximum for the last 2 months). Otherwise – it is necessary to warn the expert about the date of creation of your photo. Optimally convenient, is a high-quality digital photo, which can be enlarged on the monitor screen with the possibility of considering the pores on the skin of the face. Such a photo allows to carry out a qualitative and effective examination of the study of the Personality.

The expert-physiognomist pays special attention at studying of a photo to a face (it is better to give several kinds of photos with changing of a foreshortening) and a physique of the person studied. Thus, the better will be seen the physique, the more effective will be the analysis of your Personality. And in spite of the fact that even in the brief description of your Personality the expert-physiognomist, on the average, uses from 200 practical techniques, and at full (deep and detailed) studying – up to 3 000, it is necessary to provide the expert with materials necessary to him on quality. The number of techniques includes researches, changes of structural forms and object modeling, light techniques, and also medical (diagnostics of diseases) and psychological blogs (problems of pathological and specific development, etc.).

It should be noted that physiognomic expertise is carried out only individually, manually, without application of computer programs / tests (which are full of computer stores and which simply depersonalize data and do not take into account neither basic expert details, nor individual approach to analysis – thus distorting the result). It is the manual work that allows you to get 98% of the result from the study of data on a particular Personality, i.e. to create the most accurate expert work.

Even at studying of people with deviant indicators, experts-physiognomists do not apply programs on drawing up of a sketchbook or typology, as observance of uniqueness of manual studying is the main rule of expert work.

The finished work is rechecked by the expert-author after some time in order to make sure that the examination is correct and is handed over to the customer.

It is important, that the level of the expert, would allow him to work effectively enough in short terms (from 3-5 days), thus, maximally studying the Personality placed on a photo (with application of special closed methods of physiognomic analysis and examination). But, as a rule, people wishing to study themselves coordinate the expert – physiognomist, i.e. set him the task in which they state the desirable/most interesting directions of studying of their Personality, suitable to them terms of fulfillment of work, that is inherent participation of human factor in diagnostic work.

In the absence of a request with the wishes of the person being studied – the expert works according to the principle “from the main thing to details”.

When studying children, it is better to send photos from the age of 6 or 7. Only in particularly severe cases, it is allowed to study even earlier children’s photos.

But at studying of compatibility of a couple – each participant of a couple sends their photos and one photo where they are together (that also has special value for carrying out of physiognomic examination of compatibility of Personalities).

But special success in physiognomic expertise, uses the direction of so-called “comparative analysis”, i.e. when at the analysis of photos made in different years – the expert carries out diagnostics with revealing of acquired new qualities, “leaving”, neutralization, reformatting of old qualities, states changes of direction of today’s development of Personality, decomposes on components potential etc. This allows to determine the direction of development of the Personality’s features and to predict a number of significant human structures and application of the Personality’s properties/particularities at a given moment of time.

To wrap up…

Physiognomic expertise can be quite different: narrowly focused and multifaceted, simple and complex, step-by-step, integral and partial, block and so on – but it is always effective. And its basis is an ordinary photo, that photo, which we place for common people to see.

Anisimova Alisa
Psychologist – personologist, expert – physiognomist
Center for the Study of Personality (CSP)

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