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Psychological assistance of a psychologist – physiognomist

It is not without reason that they say “all troubles are caused by knowledge”, “woe is from the mind”, “less knowledge is better sleep”, etc.
But: he who knows – can do (including, to change what is happening even before the consequences, as well as to predict the multivariant development of consequences). And he may not do it, but he still has the advantage of choice. I.e. knowledge allows one to stand out – in any case. Knowledge gives choice. I.e. the benefit of knowledge is obvious, because knowledge generates thoughts and processes – having directions.
On the other hand, it is easier without knowledge. There is no pressure, no obligation to know or stipulate. One can simply do nothing. Absolutely nothing. No one owes anyone anything, especially not to be with knowledge or to be able to apply it. There is no competition for the “best knowledge”. And if there is one – it is not necessary to take part in them. And let “not knowing does not exempt from responsibility” in the legal sense, but in the psychological sense it allows many people to be “clueless”. It’s their choice. This aimlessly lived time – simply, in the end, will only be lived.
…But without knowledge, you feel inferior. That’s just from a psychological standpoint. If you feel it, of course. On the subject of knowledge and ignorance – you can gnaw yourself from inside, and you can let others gnaw you. Especially when you are compared to someone who knows… Therefore, it is necessary to know at least something. Even if not much, even superficially.
However, a lot of knowledge is not intelligence. Having a mind – it is possible to have low intelligence. Having a high intellectual level, one can not know oneself. Without knowing yourself – it is impossible to develop, because everything we know – we pass through ourselves. Not knowing ourselves, we do not pass through everything, we do not understand and perceive everything, which means that we infringe ourselves significantly, we lose the fullness of life and development. Lack of development is “treading on the ground”, i.e. the initial stage of degradation… as any knowledge needs support and updating in accordance with the present time (like constant improvement of computer technologies). And it turns out that knowledge of oneself is a step on the way to development. That is why people are “looking for themselves”, trying on: jobs, images, roles, images, etc. This is a vicious circle – on the one hand, but on the other hand – a necessary life cycle. And having reached the end of one cycle of development, there is a natural transition to another, higher one.
At the same time, you can search for yourself all your life. Or you can search for yourself for a couple of hours. Success depends on the initially correct tools, the direction of the path and the personality of the seeker.
A professional in the field of help in finding oneself is a psychologist – physiognomist. He does not waste time on distractions, he applies special knowledge and individual methods of studying the Personality, closed from the society/public, and takes into account all parameters influencing the search and disclosure of the seeker. This person is a practitioner, an experienced and authoritative practitioner. His work is precise, confidential and concrete. The results and effect are not in words, but are clearly stated and have practical bases, experimentally confirmed base and recommendable part.

…And knowledge has always been frightening. Especially when you learn from a psychologist-physiognomist what you are afraid to admit to yourself. How is it to accept something that is seen by a “stranger” (even if he is not interested)? Again…frightening. But you can’t help but realize that it’s actually a great strength to know yourself by understanding and accepting even what you don’t like. After all, it’s you. And you can not otherwise feel your “I”. And it is necessary to feel it.
Having received knowledge, we get a choice: to move or just to know. Knowledge gives us this choice. But just by getting it – we have already made a step forward, in development, in personal growth. And no matter what the next choice is – understanding ourselves opens new horizons for development and knowledge.

Anisimova Alisa
Psychologist – physiognomist

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